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Side by side co-extruded structures :

Environmental Protection :

Sheet Specifications :

▼ APET Dual Color Sheet

This sheet made from virgin grade premium quality material. It is non-toxic, pure and superior clarity, making it ideally suited for food packaging. The material is 100% recyclable.

▼ REPET Dual Color Sheet

With our technical equipment, we can produce the REPET sheets for food industry from 100% post-consumer washed PET flakes.  Ensure the REPET sheet remaining excellent transparency and form-ability.

▼ PP Dual Color Sheet

Polypropylene is widely used for food packaging especially for deli container. Due to its higher temperature resistance, making it the packaging material of choice for both deep-freeze and microwave foods.
We use leading technology to produce the sheet. The PP sheet is polished by cooling rollers on both upper and lower surface to achieve superior transparency close to PET.

▼ PS Dual Color Sheet

PS sheet can be easily thermoformed into desirable forms and it can give a rigid mechanical support in packaging.

▼ PLA Dual Color Sheet

Considering environmental protection, we also develop the dual color PLA sheet for making the biodegradable packages.

▼ Other clear sheet

We also offer clear plastic sheet in PET, REPET, PS, PP, PLA material and customized sheet. Please contact us for further information.

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